Application for early contract termination

Tenants can during the contract period apply for termination of their contract. BSN will attempt to find a replacement tenant and then release the applicant from its contract. The new tenants contract must start no later than May 1st, and the contract must be signed by March 15th which is the contract renewal deadline.

During the semesters it's unlikely that BSN have any potential replacements on hand and it's encouraged that the applicant actively searches for a qualified replacement and present them to BSN.

Note that the replacement must fulfill the general applicant requirements of BSN and be of the same gender in doubles and 4-man apt.


BSN prioritizes applicants with special circumstances documented with their application.

Send an e-mail to reception@bsn.no to receive the application form.


Termination Couples/ family apartments

Apartment type unfurnished family can be terminated with -3- months notice. The notice must be signed and the termination period will run for 3 full months in addition to the month the notice was given. I.e. notice delivered January 20th termination period will run rest of Jan, and Feb through April.

For contracts not yet started, the termination period runs from the contracts staring month. I.e. contract start August 1st, notice delivered June 1st then termination will run from Aug through Oct.

Application for termination couples / family apartments pdf.

Signed form must be sent to reception@bsn.no or delivered to BSN`s mailbox.



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