Information to new residents

We hope you will enjoy your stay at BSN. Below are important and practical information about BSN and your apartment.


Upon check-in, you will have received a door key chip for your apartment. We suggest you to take your personal key chip when you leave the room; Past tenants have accidentally tapped their key chip twice on the lock and have been locked out of their room or apartment. Also, the mailbox key is hung up in your room with the laundry chip. The laundry chip is pre-paid with 200kr for your convenience.


The apartment is pre-checked by BSN. Should there be anything wrong with your apartment, you can create an activity under maintenance on "my page".


BSN has disposal chutes at the main entrance. For things that don’t fit in the garbage chute, please dispose in the recycling and garbage room at the back of the B block building. Residents of BSN are responsible disposal of their waste, do not dispose of trash, cardboard, furniture, etc. in corridors, on walkways, or on the ground around trash chutes. This is considered a breach of the lease and the cost of removal is charged to the tenant. If you have an issue or question, contact BSN for guidance.

Property Insurance

BSNs insurance covers only the building and fixtures belonging to BSN caused by fire, water leakage, etc. You are responsible for having your assets insured. For example, if your apartment were to be affected by fire or water damage, BSN would be unable to offer alternative housing or replacement of damaged belongings. We suggest obtaining personal insurance for these types of emergencies.

Venting out into the corridors

If you experience smoke while cooking, do not open your main apartment door to vent into the corridor. The fire alarm in the corridor directly alerts Oslo Fire and Rescue. If they arrive for unnecessary reasons, you will be charged for their services.

Internet connection 

On the wall of each bedroom is a box that connects to the Internet, generally the right port is the correct connection. This is where you can connect a PC or wireless router via a network cable.

FAQ & House Rules

Information about the most frequently asked questions can be found HERE. BSN rules and regulation can be found HERE.

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