Moving out

You can hand over the apartment whenever you want until the contract expires. We recommend that you make an inspection with BSN so that you have the opportunity to correct any shortcomings in the checklist. If you do not want to have an inspection with BSN and deliver the key in our mailbox marked with name and room number. BSN will take the inspection alone (remember to leave the mailbox key in the room). You will not be able to come back to correct any deficiencies. NOTE that if the key is delivered before the rental expires, you still have to pay the for the rental period, but the hot water and electricity will end the day the keys are registred delivered.

Remember that the room key must be delivered no later than 12:00 the contract ends.

When you hand over the apartment it will be expected of you that: Tenancy agreement clause 11

  1. Everything on the cleaning checklist has been done. Press here to see the checklist.
  2. There is no unreported damages to your apartment.
  3. The apartment is completely empty of your own furniture, toilet brushes, toilet paper, shower curtain etc.

Some days during the summer there will be a container for the furniture you want to throw away. The container won't be there all the time. It is your responsibility to use it when it is there.



My roommate is moving out after me, do I need to clean carefully? Yes, you have to hand over the apartment completely cleaned even though your roommate moves out later.  

What if the apartment doesn't get approved by the inspector?  The inspector will point out shortcomings with the cleaning and damages the tenant is responsible for. Than you can choose not to hand over the keys and come back later for a new inspection. The inspector will only do two inspections. 

What damages do I have to report? You should report everything that doesn't work as it should. Like for instance broken light switches, thermostat to the heating cable etc. Also damages like broken mirrors, holes in the wall, marks on the floor. Damages that was there when you moved in you should have been reported earlier.

Why do I need to report the damages if I get billed for them anyway?  Damages that's not reported to BSN with plenty of time for it to be fixed during your tenancy, can lead to loss of rental income for BSN. The tenant will be responsible for this. That's why you can't report damages the day before a new tenant moves in. Tenancy agreement clause 13

If I move out before the contract ends, do I have to pay rent from that date? Yes, the rent follows your contract regardless of when you choose to hand over the apartment. However the cost for electricity and hot water will stop the date you hand over the apartment.


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