Everyone at BSN can access and are free to use the laundry room located behind the reception on the first floor of building A. The laundry is equipped with washers and dryers. Next to the laundry there is a waiting lounge with a TV.

Laundry chips

Laundry chips are handed out free of charge at check-in in the reception. If you lose this chip you will have to buy a replacement. The chip is prepaid through an external page provided by the machine vendor. Here you can view your balance and insert your e-mail and personal password.

Use of the laundry room

It’s not allowed to use your own detergents in the machines. The system is set up with an automatic dispenser that dispenses detergents and fabric softener by weighing the load and according to program. You chose color/ white and softener on/ off on the “Ecolab” display on each machine.

Make sure you pick up your clothes immediately after the machine has finished. The expected time is shown on the machines display shortly after start as soon as the weighing process is completed. If you put your e-mail into your web account you will receive an e-mail alert.

Clothes left in machines or elsewhere can be placed by anyone into the bins by the door. This bin is thrown out weekly.


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