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Information about moving and checking out of BSN for exchange students 2018

How do i check-out?

When you are done cleaning and moved out of your apartment properly. Leave your room key and laundry card in the envelope provided and place them in the BSN Post Box located near the office. Print your name and roomnumber that appears on your BSN billing statement clearly on the envelope that were given out by BSN. 

How do I get my deposit back? 

You are responsible for providing the correct information and inaccuracies will cause delay in the transfer of the deposit. Contact your bank to get the correct information.

For European accounts:
Fill in your IBAN account number and your banks SWIFT number on “my page”.(This ensures an automatic deposit transfer with lowest transaction costs for you)

All other international accounts:
Fill out the form in the evelope given out in November and return to BSN’s mailbox together with the keys before departure.

Your deposit will be returned after the contract has expired and last periods utilities are billed. Make sure all the account information you provide is complete and correct.

How clean does my room need to be? Check out list for cleaning

Please read and follow the check list for cleaning thoroughly in order to get your check out approved. We recommend you begin at least a few days in advance. Any damages that have happened while living here we recommend you register a new inquiry under maintenance on "my page". 

Remember to not leave:

  • Food, trash, or furniture you have brought in.
  • The shower curtains.

Remember to defrost and clean the freezer and fridge ahead of the check out.

If you don't clean properly, leave trash, and or leave furniture that is not BSN’s you will be billed

OBS! The last person to leave the apartment is responsible for the cleanliness of the common areas. It is the tenant's responsibility to work together to clean. If you are having problems with your roommate not helping please notify






Any questions? Send us an inquiry! Contact us