Contract renewal

All contracts at BSN is for a 12 month period ending July 31st. If you wish to stay another contract period you must apply for this within the stated deadlines.

01. February       Renewal applications are now available

                           (Enrollment documentation must be handed in by deadline)

15. March            Deadline for applying for renewal and roomchanges

01. May               Deadline for accepting renewal offer from BSN

The renewal application sent to BSN within March 15th is not binding, you will have until May 1st to accept/ refuse the contract from BSN. However if you do not apply for a renewal your room will be assigned new applicants from March 15th.

Who can renew their contract?

As long as your enrollment documentation shows that you are following a degree path within normal progression and you have no negative remarks with BSN your application will be approved.

If you are outside of normal progression for your degree you will have to send a manual application to where you state reasons for your delay as well as provide any relevant documentation. These applications should be sent in ahead of the deadline March 15th to allow time for review.

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