Check in

Check- in January 2019


You need to download our key app "JustIN Mobile" to access your room. If the app is not installed or the key is not activiated on the right phone number before December 15, you will not be able to access the room by check-in. 

Use our Bluetooth key app to access your room

You will need a smart phone with your local phone number and internet connection to activate. After activation it works offline with Bluetooth active.

  • Before December 15th. Download "JustIN Mobile" by Salto systems from app store or GooglePlay. Follow the activation process by entering your phone number. (must be the same number that you registered on “my page”). It is important that the phone number is registered in the app before December 15th, otherwise it will not be possible to enter the room when you check-in.

If you are traveling between December 15th and January 2nd, please send us an alternative country code to than what you have registered in the system so you can receive the key app.  BSN will send your door activation to your phone after the current tenant leaves. This will happen by 3rd of January.

  • January 3rd. Check your app, your room number should now appear in the app. Please make sure to not change your SIM card before arriving at your apartment. In some cases, the key app will be disabled by swapping SIM card and you will not be able to access the apartment. In the apartment you will find a light blue door key chip labeled with SALTO which can be used instead of the key app.


To enter your room

Make sure Bluetooth is active on your phone, open the app and press the green button, place your phone over the door lock, and enter. You have also received a door key chip that can be used as the phone. This is found in your room.

Problems at arrival

You can at any time call our security service at (00 47) 22 20 70 00. They are available 24 / 7. They will assist free of charge if you are having problems with accessing your room with the app.

Problems with activating the app

If you are having difficulties with the activation or for some reason cannot use the key app please contact Check-in appointments can be booked on our opening hours.

BSNs reception is open monday to friday 09:00 am - 15:00 pm from June 10th to August 11th. Additionally, we will keep open the last weekend of july (29th and 30th), as well as the first weekend of August (4th and 5th).

Other stuff to know about move-in

Important to bring the first day
Bed sheets, internet cable, router, towels, duvet and pillow

How to get there
BSNs adress is: Gunnar Schjelderups vei 13A, 0485 Oslo

From Oslo Central Station/Jernbanetorget
Take the Metro (T-bane) from Jernbanetorget to Nydalen. Walk 5-8 minutes from the Metro to BSN.

Bus from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Storo
Take the Airport Express Coach "Flybussen" to Storo. Walk 12 minutes from Storo to BSN.


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