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BI housing guarantee

Students who qualifies for the BI housing guarantee, have to apply to BI before applying to BSN. The BI housing guarantee covers the following student types:

- all exchange and double degree students

- 1st year international BBA and MSc students moving to Norway for the first time

Students in this category will be asked to apply to BSN as part of the registration process with BSN after they have applied through BI housing. 


Other international students

If you are not in the category mentioned above you can apply directly to BSN. You must upload enrollment documentation in your application. BSN can randomly or if considered necesarry perform credit checks as well as checks into an applicants provided information.

All non- scandinavian citizens applying to BSN must upload a photocopy of their passport with their application. Immigration status should be described breifly in the applications comment field. This does not apply to students applying through BI housing guarantee.

- Current students at BI must upload enrollment confirmation from the student service center at BI.

- New students with confirmed enrollment for upcoming semester must upload their signed study contract with BI.

- Students with pending BI applications can proceed without enrollment documentation.


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